Gone are the days when all music records are only on tapes we play at home. Today, technology has made things easy and better for everyone to enjoy.

You can find a place to listen to Regain Records release and songs online if you are comfortable and can also derive the desired satisfaction online.

Many of the songs could be found on the locations as stated below for lovers who would find the online channel comfortable to use.

Official YouTube Profile    

Regain Records official YouTube account should be the first point of call to both watch and listen to their songs. With over 20 of their releases on display, you can listen and watch some clips of various titles such as Serpent Ritual, The Apostate of light, and Desert of Revelation. You can visit their YouTube profile through here.


Last.fm is also a great site to listen to Regain Records’ music.  Last.fm is a service that deals with music. It is a service that is conscious about its users by learning from what they love so as to ensure they are served rightly. You can find music charts and meet with a vibrant community of music lovers on this platform. To use the site, you’ll need to first create a profile by signing up for an account.

Regain Records Official Myspace Profile

You can find a few songs of Regain Records in their official Myspace Profile. You’ll find songs from Enthroned, Setherial, A world in Hell, and a host of others on the profile. Though the profile is not that an active one, but getting some music to play from it is a possibility.


Deezer should top the list because of its wide range of coverage and large collections. It is a music platform that gives users the opportunity to play whatever music they love to. It has a large array of music tracks, numbering over 43 million. Find any tracks and artists to listen to their music on Deezer platform. With Deezer, there is no device barrier as it works on all devices whether online or offline. With 10 million active users on the platform, covering over 182 countries, Deezer is where to listen to any tracks of Regain Records songs that you’d love.


Soundcloud is a great platform to listen to music of any type you want to.

It is like another  Deezer with a wide coverage. Soundcloud allows users to upload their favorite music. Regain Records can be found in many of their collections.  You can find one to listen to as you visit the website. With technology, it is great to know one can comfortably listen to his favorite songs online and for free too.

If you are interested in listening to Regain Records’ songs, you can head straight to the various platforms provided above and you’d surely get what you are looking for under the black metal genre.

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