Regain Records have blazed the trail with famous artists in their ranks in performances across the globe, especially in Europe and the America.

Many fans have the glimpse of their favorite artists on the ground when they visit through various shows and events in their country.

Here are a few of Regain Records tours and shows with the artists on their record label.

Meh Stuff! Metal-Festival 2011

Meh Stuff! Metal-Festival is a festival that brings together several performances and artists in the metal genre of music. Regain Records artists are among featured artists that grace the occasion. The 2011 edition saw Gogoroth among others in attendance in September 2011 at Herikerberg, Switzerland.

Hatefest Extreme Tour

Hatefest Extreme Tour was another time with the Regain Records artists. Marduk, the Swedish black metal artist, was fully on the ground at the Hatefest extreme tour in 2011. Other artists featured alongside were Kataklysm and Triptykon. The Netherlands hosted the show. Maduk, also known as Panzer Division, had 17 dates scheduled in December 2011 to give the fans something special.

Motocultor Festival

August 2011 was another time for Regain Records’ signings. Maduk participated in the Motorcultor festival slated on August 19 and 20. Maduk performed on the 19th of the event. This added another cap to Marduk activities after just releasing “Iron Dawn” on May 30th.

Under The Sign Of Hell 2011 Release

Gorgoroth had the album released on June 20, 2011, under Regain Records.

This is the third album by the band.

Death Wolf Release – “The Other Hell”

Death Wolf, a Regain Records’ signing and a Swedish metal artist posted one of the songs of their debut album titled “Death Wolf”. The album was slated for release on May 27, 2011.
In recent times, as conferred from the activities on Regain Records Facebook’s page, they have given support to sharing posts from other record labels such as Helter-skelter, Blood Harvest, and Shadows.

On August 18, 2017

This date is one that leaves a lot to be answered about Regain Records activities in recent times. This is a quote from their official Facebook page. “Troglodyte (sublabel to Transubstans Records) and Regain Records were proud to announce their first co-operation release with the debut album of Swedish female-fronted D-beat/crust-metal band Wolfsblood.

The album entitled “Vomit & Lice” is scheduled for release early Autumn 2017. The music can simply be described as an energetic metalized mixture of Wolfpack, Discharge, Kvelertak and early Sacrilege. Wolfsblood was formed in 2012 by ex-members from Swedish cult punk band Moderat Likvidation and horror metal band Tenebre.” This clearly shows the collaborative path Regain Records is going.

They have their only official YouTube channel for Regain Records & affiliated labels (Helter Skelter Productions, Blood Harvest Records, Shadow Records & Blooddawn Productions).

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