Black Metal as we hoped has a bright future with some dedicated bands giving their best to keep it alive and shining in everyone’s hearts and proving everyone who called it a dead art wrong once and for all.

Our mission is to highlight these bands and thus, promote black metal!

Here are some performers to watch out for in 2019!

What About… Bubblegum Dungeon

Bubblegum Dungeon Series of Adult Time
Bubblegum Dungeon Series of Adult Time

Before we start with the real list. A lot of Black Metal fans are also fans of BDSM. That’s kind of easy like 2+2 to figure, but what if we told you that the everything you loved about BDSM content is now going the more mainstream side. Like rainbows, unicorns, crazy bright colors and this famous fun. Adult Time brings us Bubblegum Dungeon to show that BDSM doesn’t have to be dark and scary. Well, shall we proceed with the list?

1.    Deftones

Deftones is a band that has mixed up metal with their own personal style and created music that is loved by all hardcore metal fans. They are very active on social media gives them a bigger and progressive audience and their constant posts act as teasers for their fans who wait eagerly for their releases.

Their recent update indicates that they will be performing at the Exit111 Fest in October 2019. This is one of the best platforms to promote and showcase Metal music!

2.    Korn

One of the most appreciated and followed bands from California, Korn is one band whose releases are met with tons of excitement from Metal fans all over the world! They have 1.3 Million followers on social media and are gearing up for their After-Shock Concert to be held on 13th October 2019 as per their latest update.

Each and every post shared by them are intricately designed to suit and promote the Black Metal theme.

Their previous album, ‘The Serenity of Suffering’ was highly appreciated by the fans!

3.    Artificial Brain

If you are looking for utmost authenticity when it comes to Death Metal Music, get ready to experience this world like never before! Artificial Brain is a band that creates dark villainy inhuman music that has the capacity to change your mood on another level.

The growls of Death give a supernatural effect and can scare you like never before! Check out ‘Infrared Horizon’ by the band to get a sense of their world!

4.    Anaal Nathrakh

Anaal Nathrakh was formed in 1999. They are an old extreme Metal British band which was formed in England. Currently, they are signed up with the Metal Blade Records and they have consistently managed to keep the music alive for all these years.

They recently released two new soundtracks and their Vocalist Dave even discussed their recent album ‘A New Kind of Horror’ on a radio show that promotes Metal on every level- ‘Ritual of the Fourth’.

5.    Leeched

Leeched is signed up with a label called ‘Prosthetic’. They are one of the bands taking Metal forward.

Larissa Stupar from the Venom Prison called them “enthusiastic” and “heavy” for their latest releases. Check out their official music video ‘Boar’ to catch a glimpse of their kind of their world and music!

6.    Venom Prison

Venom Prison is a Metal band which is highly active in terms of performing and sharing their passion for Death Metal.

Their latest album ‘Samsara’ is out now on Spotify and other streaming platforms. They are also quite vocal on social media and constantly keep their fans updated with their upcoming releases and shows.

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