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History And Development Of Regain Records

History And Development Of Regain Records

The Scandinavian region has its fair for good music just like is in other regions around the world, like in Europe and the America. Regain Records is a Swedish origin record label located in Hjarup and operates independently with a focus on black metal and death metal, heavy metal and thrash metal genre of music.

The record label has had its fair share of successes and distractions along the line to hit the limelight in the music industry.

The progress of the manager and founder, the record label, the artists and albums released all together show that something good is in stock about the company in the metal music industry.

“Regain Records was founded by Per Gyllenback in 1997 at Hjarup, Sweden.”

Founding The Record Label

Regain Records was founded by Per Gyllenback in 1997 at Hjarup, Sweden. It also has a sub-label called Forces of Satan Records. The record label is a fallout from the split by the founder from his old partner in another record label, Wrong Again Records in 1997.
Wrong Again Records was the creation of Per Gyllenback and Wez Wenedikter both of who chose to part ways to go solo.

Regain Records did better and had its first releases in the same 1997, releasing Amorous Anathema by Embraced and High on Blood by Deranged.

Bands Signed By Regain Records

Regain Records had notable artists, who have shone like stars in joining the record label, and this has helped in boosting the marketability of the record label both within Sweden, the Scandinavian region and in other parts of Europe. Among the many are the notable, In Flames, Arch Enemy, and Naglfar. Other names strongly associated with Regain Records are Dark funeral, Behemoth, and Marduk.

The Way Up

The road up is not always an easy one. This can be said of Regain Records label. Earlier, after founding the company in 1997, businesses were not as usual two years after even with the early release of 1997. Things were literally slow. This can be attributed to the distribution inefficiency of the time. However, things turned a new leaf when the management proficiency of the company came to play with the re-release of two albums of Inflames band, specifically the first two of this band which were Subterranean and Lunar Strain.

This were past release of Wrong Again Records, the defunct label company of which Per Gyllenback was a co-founder. Expectedly, this was how the breakthrough came and things started moving and more successes were recorded on the record label. Regain records was then not only restricted to Sweden in the live performances. The shores of the Scandinavian region were predominantly covered by the record label. Finland witnessed many performances and shows.

Legal Dispute

2008 for Regain Records saw the legal side of things when it was involved in a legal battle with Gorgoroth. This dispute boils down to disagreements over their live album of 2008. The battle was tied to the release of “True Norwegian Black Metal “Live in Grieghallen” by Gorgoroth.

In the sequence of events on the dispute, regain records label followed all laid down rules according to the law by stopping all sales of the album until everything was settled out of court. In Per Gyllenback’s words, the label manager,

Due to legal proceedings regarding the GORGOROTH release ‘True Norwegian Black Metal’ “Live in Grieghallen’,” there has been a decision made to stop all sales and marketing of this album for the duration of these legal proceedings.

It is only an intermestic decision made by the court to stop all actions in regard to the album until the case is settled and there’s no verdict made on the matter yet.”
Well, this came and passed and Regain Records was never held back, achieving more successes in the brand of music and engaging the artists that were signed on to their record label.

No doubt it has been a fine example of success and turbulence, both occurring at the same time. This is expected in any venture and all human endeavors are not spared in any way from this since the way to success is often a rough one.

Regain Records label had a bite of the same but waxed stronger afterward with events and shows all over Europe and the America.

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