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Websites That Promote Record Label

Websites That Promote Record Label

Many websites helped to promote the works of Regain Records by publishing contents relating to the company.

Among these are informative websites, News and entertainment websites and music-oriented websites to mention a few.

Here are a few of those websites to keep you well informed about Regain Records.


Discogs is a website that is all about music. This website, which started as a hobby by the owner, Kevin Lewandowski, in 2000, progressed towards meeting a goal in mind. The mission is to build a detailed database, including a marketplace for all artists and labels internationally.
Discogs have made some strides in promoting the record label, its genre, and others in the ranks. Find out the publication of discogs about Regain Records and how they stand from the viewpoint of Discogs’ website.

Encyclopedia Metallum

Encyclopedia Metallum is a website that can be described as an archive for metal and related genres of music. Hosted in 2002, encyclopedia Metallum is a great site that tells all about a record label, band, and related events of the genre. Encyclopedia Metallum presents the activities, status, and every detail of Regain Records in its label category.


For a website that is metal based like metal riot, mentioning Regain Records should not be a thing of surprise. Metalriot website deals on reviews, record labels, news, making rounds in the industry and holding major events in metal genre for their followers. This membership-based website has Regain Records covered in history and activities that have lifted the image of Regain Records over the past years. You can check out more about Regain Records from Metalriot website.

Spirit Of Metal

Spirit of metal is a go-to place if you are looking for a detailed information about Regain Records. Having been around since 2003, Spirit of Metal is more graphic with its presentation, creating that atmosphere for people to relate more on the website. You’d find the full list of Regain Records releases and artists to be given prominence on this website. Though with a community integrated design, you are first greeted with a publication that is centered on a record label. Get to find out the full list of Regain Records work and navigate to find more details by clicking on the individual links of the band and their work.


Earsplit is a public relation website based in the USA that has had something to say about Regain Records. Among Earsplit’s site categories are label updates, music/live video, and band updates.   From the Earsplit website, Region Records official statement was published on this platform on February 11, 2010. You may want to find out more by browsing through the pages of earsplit website.


Blabbermouth is a USA based website that is focused on stories, reviews, and news, making rounds around the world with some bias on the music category, particularly on metal genre. That is why you’d find categories like CD Reviews and DVD reviews among the major categories. Blabbermouth has many details about Regain Records and you’d find one of such full and comprehensive details about Regain Records legal battles from the blabbermouth website.


Lambgoat is a website hosted in 2001. It is a US-based company. The site is focused on metal, heavy metal, hardcore, and extreme music of the metal genre. For its strong focus on metal genre, lambgoat is where you can get a large coverage of events of Regain Records and its works. The categories covered by the site include news, reviews, interviews, and bands.

If you are searching the net for information about Regain Records, these sites will be of help.

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