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About Us

Regain Records is a memorial website in honor of a living legend in the black metal genre of music. This is our own way of saying thank you to the one, who has helped immensely in the rare music genre of black metal and death metal genre type of music.

Regain Records is Swedish-based independent record label founded by Per Gyllenback.

To the one who holds the strong will to make things not just being ordinary but truly professional, we are dedicating this website as a memorial. We are a committed team of this genre and have a strong passion to push the music further and to greater heights through our encouragement and support via this website.

Our Heritage

For the creation of this website, we know we have a heritage to protect and keep alive as the founding fathers have laid it down. “We will continue serving you with quality instead of quantity” is a quote we’ll hold so dearly in our hearts, without letting it fade away. This means so much to us as a heritage to protect and keep alive just as handed down to us by the founder and manager of Regain Records label. The profound statements that have lifted the spirit of metal music locally and globally through this label are a strong heritage to nurture and also pass on to the next generation coming after us. It is our desire to serve through this platform with the ultimate goal of quality and not quantity music, respecting the Regain Records label.

Our Mission

At Regain Records, our commitment is wholly dedicated to promoting this legacy that has been laid down for us to follow. Through consciously following the paths of honor and the principles of the industry, we hope to inspire others on this journey to have faith in what they do and pursue the dreams with a strong will and the ‘I can’ spirit that black metal music is known for.

We owe it a duty to reach out through this media to as many as possible, find what will be of help, and will add value to the lives of those who pass through this platform. We are fully aware of what is at stake in keeping alive what has been left for us to preserve. We are, as a result, ready to carry on from where the baton has been passed on to us to lengths beyond and as long we can and will be around to do.

We, therefore, strive to fit into the shoe left for us by engaging in profitable acts to lift the industry through our publications and serving as advocates and mouthpiece to the black metal genre. We remain resolute to keep the flame burning and strong.

Our Vision

We look ahead to bright future for the black metal music genre.

We have a strong will to do all we can to move the metal music up and high to the heaven. We know as a group, working together is the best way to attain success faster as one would expect.

For this, we solicit the cooperation of all and sundry to team up with us as we can together do our part in this sojourn.

The Future

The future we see is one where working together is key and important to lift the spirit of black metal kind of music.

We are hopeful to get to the Eldorado in our own little effort.

In the future that we look to is this:

  • More collaborations and joint ventures to strengthen bands and record labels to perform better is a focal point.
  • Improve on social interactions among bands and other record labels to serve as an encouragement for others to grow.
  • Give relevant information to support the growth of the industry through this platform.
  • Serve as a platform where related information about the record label is found while other affiliates share upcoming events and activities.

If you share this dream with us or would want to be part of lifting the black metal band high up, please try reaching us through the various contact options provided and we’ll be prompt to respond to your needs.

Regain Records | Copyright 2017