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Regain Records Legacy

We look ahead to bright future for the black metal music genre.

Regain Records is a memorial website in honor of a living legend in the black metal genre of music. This is our own way of saying thank you to the one, who has helped immensely in the rare music genre of black metal and death metal genre type of music. Regain Records is Swedish-based independent trcord label founded by Per Gyllenback. To the one who holds the strong will to make things not just being ordinary but truly professional, we are dedicating this website as a memorial. We are a committed team of this genre and have a strong passion to push the music further and to greater heights through our encouragement and support via this website.

Important! For current releases from Regain Records label, please visit the new website at

Regain Records Most Valuable Artists

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Streaming Inspirations - Take A Look!

Hot Crazy Mess in POVHot Crazy Mess – aren’t we all fascinated by these young generation of girls? Living in totally different world than us old folks, yet there is something special about them… Opportunity that doesn’t happen daily. See why we called this website a hot crazy mess. Available at

Model TimeModel Time – a true inspiration for all independent souls. Prepare for seeing unique selection of videos that are 100% prepared and performed by the models. No directors, no storylines of silly nature – just pure pleasure and entertainment we all love – this is Model Time.

BrattyMILFBratty MILF – inspiration for all young guys, these middle-aged women are frustrated, spoiled and ready to take another step of self-destruction. But are they, really or is it their hidden agenda of getting fun while they still can avoid consequences? This is Bratty MILF series.

Footsie BabesFootsie Babes – Beautiful, well-cared feet of European women. Watch them seduce and use their partners for satisfaction just by using their soles and toes. This kind of fetish is reserved only for the most demanding crowd. Are you in? Take a look at

Twink Top

Twink Top – get ready to explore the world of switching sides. Usual bottom guys becoming alpha males that dictate the rules of the game. Watch them dominate and conquer the usual real-life tops. It’s all about spicing things up and switching sides does the trick – follow the series on!

Sweet Sinner

Sweet Sinner – all the kinkiest taboos featured in this story-drive series. Watch your favorite performers in questionable practices when their true desires take over their way of thinking. You can follow weekly updates on it’s original website –

Upcoming Releases - 2023 Edition

Rods Room

Rods Room is predicted to bring you lots of high quality, luxury and high end gay erotica. Focused on those raw, yet totally intimate relations it sets bar very high in terms of intensity. See yourself.

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm is your source of partying content from various US colleges. Watch girls and guys being put to all kinds of dares.

My Dirty Maid

My Dirty Maid is the place where you are going to find only the hardest working girls. The ones that are ready to go extra mile to leave the place clean and owner very happy.

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Artists Signed To The Label

Regain Records, as a record label, signed on quality and notable artists in its black metal brand of music.

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