What people are saying about Regain Records? Are there discussion boards focused on the record label, its artists, events, shows, and performance? What gossips, rumors, and issues are raised by these channels?

There are a handful of forums where topical issues about Regain Records are discussed.

Many of them have a lot to say about the company’s successes, legal battle, and what events and performances really made the hit for them. Globally, there are forums that host this kind of community.

Here are a few of the major forums where you’d find Regain Records and other record labels being discussed.


SMNnews Forums is a place where you could actively participate in discussions about record labels. SMNnews forums, a Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd platform, has been on the ground since 2000 to date. In its general forum, death metal discussion is raised and there comes one of the names that should not go unmentioned. See what SMN news Forum has to say about where to buy, and how good the Grave- burial album release is on the website.

Rewind Forum

Rewind forum is another great forum to find out what people have to say about record labels and Regains Records. On the forum, subscribers can post on relevant topics for which others can contribute or air their views on topics discussed. See what rewind forum subscribers are saying about Murder Island or die Zombie have to say here in 2016.


Harmonix is a mix of a blog and a community platform where some discussions are raised about Regain Records. Harmonix, a Boston-based website, is all about music and using technology to enhance what they love. Harmonix has got something going in their discussion on how Regain Records lost a legal case to Gorgoroth. Check out on their recommendations and what their expectations are.


Lashtal is a website that has forum integration on it. In one of the discussion boards, one could monitor the discussion of Behemoth’s first ever live album that was scheduled to be released by Regain Records. This was back in 2008. Lashtal makes publications on various musical events and this lively forum hosts all these in the metal category of music. The quality of discussion and information shared are of tremendous benefit.

Something Awful

Something awful is another forum by Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. The forum has been in existence since the year 2000. They have a lot going on about Regain Records and about the legal battles and the way forward with Gorgoroth. See what they have to say on the issues. Something awful is purely a forum platform with categories, including music niche.

Nuclear War Now

Nuclear War Now forms where issues of different record labels are discussed in the past. As a forum that existed since 2001, a Nuclear War Now brings together people all around the world to discuss on topical issues as they’ve done about Regain Records. See what they are saying about Regain Records in 2013 on the official forum website.

Spirit Of Metal

This is both a forum and a website where learning about the latest and finding about the status of metal genre brands of music is easy. Hosted since 2003, Spirit of Metal forum talks on different bands as well their record labels and what is in store for their fans and lovers. Members visit Spirit of Metal to post reviews, reports, interviews, and live-reports. You’d find photo galleries also with collections that represent the record label.

These are some of the great forums on the music genre to find all you’d need about a record label. Make use of the above to find new things while participating in the discussions.

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