Regain Records is a label that is known worldwide. Aside from visiting the stores in various locations where they are sold, the best way you can quickly find albums released by Regains Records is through the online channel.

With online stores and marketplaces, you can have all the time to browse through various locations, comparing prices, services, and delivery mode to get the very best store that you’ll be comfortable dealing with.

For your purchases of Regain Records songs in different formats, here are notable stores and shops online for your convenience.


Recordshopx is an online store that deals majorly on music products, including CDs, DVDs, and LP collections of different bands. Regain Records have their products in large numbers in this store with over 70 products available for shoppers on the Black metal music products.


The big and popular store, Amazon, is another place to buy Regain Records CDs. Though this is not a major ground to buy the Regain Records collection from, it still remains a good choice where you can find some songs that you have been looking for. The reason is no other than its being the largest marketplace for various categories of goods, including CDs, DVDs, and other musical storage materials.


eBay is another big one when talking about online stores. You’d find dealers or individuals, displaying some records. You may find what you are looking for here. When buying from online stores such as eBay, they only ensure you are dealing with a genuine product or an individual. Know that both Amazon and eBay are platforms where many sellers have their own stores and not necessarily directly from the platforms’ owners.


Discogs is a major website that is a strong promoter of Regain Records and its products. Discogs not only provides information about record labels but also it has marketplace integration on the website where users of the site can buy any music CDs and vinyl. It is a platform where buyers meet sellers for transactions. You can find music genres aside from Death metal, metal, heavy metal, and thrash on display as well. Make sure to check the ratings of who you are buying from before making your call.

W.T.C/ B&E Webshop

W. T. C is a less known online store but has got great collections of Regain Records songs. Landing on the website may look scary with winged and skeletal “angels” in battle but that should not be anything scary for a black metal lover. From the domain name extension, this is most likely a German-based website where you quench your shopping thirst. Their major categories of collections are CDs, LPs, EPs, and tapes.


KVLT is an online store to buy Regain Records’ products.

They’ve got a wide range of  Regain Records collections for fans. They have different formats in their collection such as CDs, cassettes, Merch, and vinyl.

There are many other marketplaces aside from the ones mentioned above. You just need to spend the time to find out.

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