Regain Records at his hay days had a crop of notable artists in its ranks with hits that the black metal world would continually cherish as evergreen.

Many of the followers and the artists proved their love as seen from the YouTube views of many of the releases of the record label.

To take you back to the memory lane, here are some of those songs and the artists that have done so well to lift the name of the record label.

Behemoth – Demigod

Behemoth’s Demigod is a favorite song for metal lovers on Youtube. Demigod was released in 2004 under the Regain Records label. Gathering about 590, 961 views on YouTube, at the time of writing this article, attests to people’s likeness for the song after just being published in May 2013, long after its release. Another song of Behemoth with growing views is The Apostasy with over 218, 000 views so far and rising.


Dark Funeral – Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus

Dark Funeral is a Swedish band with the black metal genre. Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus gathered some views on YouTube after just being published on February 2017. It has 15,001 views at the time of this writing. Dark Funeral has lots of work done that are still gaining views over the internet.


Marduk Wormwood

Wormwood is one of Marduk’s favorite releases. Marduk’s popularity and fame is one that cannot be denied as one of the Sweden’s greats in the Black metal genre of music. The song Wormwood is popular amidst black metal lovers. This is shown on the views recorded on their official YouTube page, gathering 126, 346 views so far. Other notable song of Marduk is Plague Angel.


Arch Enemy – Nemesis

Arch Enemy’s songs are widely loved and watched by many black metal music lovers. With Regain Records, Nemesis was a hit with about 19 million views on YouTube. Other songs from Arch Enemy are widely watched on YouTube with many views in the millions range.


Vader – Never Say My Name

Vader, Regain Records’ great signing of the time, has lots of viewership on YouTube with many of the band’s songs in the count of millions. “Never Say My Name” had over 2 million views on YouTube when this write-up was made.


Dismember – Dismembered

Dismembered is a song from the Dismember band with Regain Records label and a black metal release that people relate with on YouTube having some sizeable views from followers and lovers of the black metal genre music.


Enthroned – Enthroned Vortex Of Confusion

Enthroned was a great band under Regain Records with followers on different social media networks. “Enthroned vortex of confusion” has some good views with over 30, 596 views on YouTube. Other songs on YouTube include Grace by evil, Evil Church among others.


Gorgoroth: Sign Of An Open Eye

Gorgoroth is one of the foremost signings of Regain Records. The band is known worldwide for the quality and brand of their music. Sign of an open eye is watched by the music lovers with over 16, 600 views recorded on YouTube.


In Flames: Behind The Space

In flame is like the heart of Regain Records with lots of hits and good metal music delivery from the group. Behind the space, released under Regain Records, did well to attract viewership in most social networks, including their YouTube channel. For the band’s popularity among lovers, it has garnered over 329, 300 viewers since its release on YouTube.


Many records released under the Regain Records label made to the hit chart. The numerous YouTube views is an example to pick from.

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