For Regain Records, the rivalry was beyond the shores of Sweden. As black metal music spread all across Europe and America, the competition becomes even more intense with many record labels from Europe and the America, challenging for signings of top bands that have made the mark in their chosen black metal music.

For Regain Records, it is no more a local challenge but an international one.

Here is the list of the strong rivals Regain Records should contend with in the industry.

Metal Blade Records

Located in California, USA, metal blade records is one of the heavy metals record labels of repute founded in 1982 by Brian Slagel with offices in Japan, Germany, the UK, and Canada. The distributors of the company are Red distribution, Diamante Music Group among others.

Century Media Records

Century media has its offices in the US, London, and Germany (headquarters). Acquired by Sony Music for $17 million in 2015, Century Media is a strong force as a heavy metal brand record label, snapping up the likes of members from Gorgoroth among others from Regain Records. They have released albums like War Eternal, Blood, Conformicide, and Atoma to their credit.

Nuclear Blast

Headquartered in Germany and formed in 1987 by Marcus Staiger, Nuclear blast is both a mail order distributor and record label with affiliates in Germany, Brazil, and the United States. Albums released through the label are Endless Forms Most Beautiful and the Last Stand among others.

Season Of Mist

Season of mist is both a record distributor and record label. Founded in 1996, it is label based in France with businesses in the United States. It was founded by Michael S. Berberian. To date, they’ve got notable albums like Rituals and Esoteric Warfare to their credit.

Impact Records

Impact Records, an America owned company was, once upon a time, a MCA affiliate company. The labels acts include Sass Jordan, Rhythm Syndicate, and The Fixx among others. Vader, a one-time Regain Records member, is one of the artists signed by Impact Records.


Earache Records is based in Nottingham and in New York. It is an independent record label. It spread the good tidings of extreme metal by releasing previous death metal and grindcore records from 1988 to 1994.

Many other record labels were rivals to Regain Records of which are mystic Productions, Relapse Records, and Malicious Records. It has always been a competitive environment for record labels as well as artists.

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