Regain records, in recent times, has been quiet on their social networks except for a few cases. In this article, exploring these social media platforms to know how active they are will help to know the status of each platform.

Regain Records maintains some amount of social media accounts to keep their fans updated and entertained. From the activities of their accounts in recent times, a lot shows some inactivity except for one or two of the accounts that appear to have a measure of decent activity.

Here we take a look at the few accounts maintained by Regain Records and how active they have been on them.


Regain Records’ Myspace account has over 16,000 people connected to the account, but it seems there is not much of activity at present. Videos status, events, and other categories are virtually empty with almost nothing going on recently. A few of their albums were listed and that should have happened a long ago.


Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and Regain Records seems to be very active here with the manager giving statements and making posts. From Regain Records Facebook page, the recent updates were made on September 26, 2017, just three days ago. That is not bad for a social platform. In the posts, the company had shared Helter Skelter productions and Serpent Rituals in their recent activity on the platform. On followership side, they boast of 1006 likes and 1013 followers.

Twitter Account @REGAINRECORDS

In Regains Records twitter account, it is, however, not the case as with the Facebook account. The last post made dates back to 7 Oct 2010. With 137 tweets recorded, 64 following, and 1,532 followers, the story would have been a lot better than what is presented on Facebook if they had taken care of the updates when the account was created.


Instagram is another account where Regain Records is mentioned. They have the hashtag (#regainrecords) by Regain Records. In one of the top posts registered on April 17, with 126 likes, it seems like some activities are going on the Instagram account.


For the photo platform, Regain Records have a lot for their fans with many videos and lots of photos. They are put into categories of Death and other notable black metal brand of music.

Legacy Regain Records Social Media