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Regain Records Legacy

We look ahead to bright future for the black metal music genre.

Regain Records is a memorial website in honor of a living legend in the black metal genre of music. This is our own way of saying thank you to the one, who has helped immensely in the rare music genre of black metal and death metal genre type of music. Regain Records is Swedish-based independent trcord label founded by Per Gyllenback. To the one who holds the strong will to make things not just being ordinary but truly professional, we are dedicating this website as a memorial. We are a committed team of this genre and have a strong passion to push the music further and to greater heights through our encouragement and support via this website.

Important! For current releases from Regain Records label, please visit the new website at

Regain Records Most Valuable Artists

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Former & Tribute Articles

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Regain Records: Featured Events And Shows

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Regain Records, as a record label, signed on quality and notable artists in its black metal brand of music. Here, a few of...

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Latest & Forgotten Inspirations

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Artists Signed To The Label

Regain Records, as a record label, signed on quality and notable artists in its black metal brand of music.

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